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Online Reputation Management Is A Must Now Adays

According to a research by the Pew Web & American life project, 47% of USA adult web surfers have took a vanity search in Google , Bing or some other search engine. Some egobrowse strictly for fun, such as finding celebs with a similar name. However, a lot of individuals ego-browse for the reason of online reputation management.

Egobrowsing can be handled to find data mistakes, released info that is not wanted to be seen in the public eye. By browsing for your own name in an online search engine, you can have a take on the look of a stranger that attempts to find out some personal info. Some egobrowse in order to hide personal pics or info from potential employers, clients and tso on. In the same manner some use online reputation management search to keep a positive public figure look and to have some self PR…