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All About Importing From China to Israel

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Trade relations between Israel and China began as early as 1992, several years before the establishment of diplomatic relations between them. In China itself, about twenty years ago there were economic reforms that brought about a sharp change in its place in the world economy. These reforms included a shift from a centralist interface to an economy that, in addition to government enterprises, also had private initiatives that developed according to market demands. Gradually, many government enterprises also began to undergo privatization, and so the private sector developed. China opened its doors to the international trade market, and in 2001 joined the World Trade Organization. All of these have brought China’s economy to the high status it is in today.

Data on China’s International Trade Growth

In the past, foreign companies that wanted to invest in China had to team up with a Chinese partner and in fact could not control the decisions related to management, marketing, manpower and the like. Following China’s entry into the World Trade Organization, new regulations have been enacted in the country that allow foreign investors to obtain a permit to purchase Chinese companies without the need to establish partnerships with locals. This situation has miraculously increased the activity in terms of some consumer products like beverages, electronics and financial services. The upward trend in Chinese trade worldwide can be learned from statistics showing that in the first half of 2012, China’s import and export business totaled US $ 1.839 billion. Of this, exports amounted to $ 954.38 billion and imports to $ 885.46 billion. That is, a trade surplus of $ 68.92 billion.

Imports from China to Israel – General Data

Imports from China to Israel have also grown steadily over the years. According to CBS data, imports from China increased from 2006 to 2007 from $ 3.2 billion to $ 4.6 billion. In 2010, imports continued to rise and reached about $ 4.7 billion. Imports from China to Israel focus mainly on the following industries:

  • 28% of all imports are electronics.
  • 21% are products for the chemical industries.
  • 14% are footwear, clothing and textiles.
  • 9% are metals.

Products that can be imported from China

A partial list of types of products that can be imported from China: import of mobile accessories from China, cosmetics, garden products, party decorations, various accessories for handicrafts, imports of advertising products, bags, gifts, glass and ceramic products, camping and hiking products, tools (for shops “Do it Yourself “), dental products, plastic products, metal products, health products, fitness and sports products, pet products, household products, kitchen utensils, sanitary ware, textiles, footwear, glasses, furniture, floor tiles, printing products, packaging products, Bicycles and electronic products.

How to import from china

The incredible increase in imports from China to various countries in the world, and especially to the United States, Europe, Australia and even Israel, has occurred not only because of the low production costs in China. The real reason behind the takeover of Chinese production is the impressive supply chain, infrastructure and low labor cost. Today, no other country in the world has such a large planning and production system and such an extensive supply chain. No other country has any manufacturers operating in every possible technological manufacturing process.

There is only one problem. The growth of Chinese production in the 21st century began only 50 years ago. And even though millions of factories in China are equipped with sophisticated high-tech technology from the United States, Germany, Japan and more … Many of the executives of these factories still do not fully understand the requirements of the West in terms of product quality. While they have the ability to design and manufacture world-class products, there is no one to guide them so that they understand the level of quality the Western customer is looking for. For this reason, many import companies in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and even Israel use companies that specialize in trade with China. These companies, based in the heart of industrial China, provide product quality assurance at a level that Western companies trust.

Finding a Reliable Manufacturer

This is probably the most important step in the import business. A serious and reliable manufacturer will calm any concern regarding product quality and trust in the manufacturer. A reliable local manufacturer will prevent the failure of a good deal as a result of misunderstandings that also result from mental differences between the importer and the manufacturer. Therefore, it is important to find a doubt that can be communicated with in English, because the English spoken by most locals is usually basic and usually does not include knowledge in professional or technical terms.

The Israeli importer from China has at his disposal Israeli companies that specialize in this field and will assist him in finding a reliable and efficient manufacturer in China. Companies such as these use a professional team that is well acquainted with the local market, and has the power to choose a manufacturer that will deliver a product at the desired level and meet the set schedule. Using such company services can save the importer unnecessary flights and communication difficulties with Chinese suppliers that could frustrate the deal.

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cloudcomputingThe company is the oldest and largest Israeli provider of cloud computing solutions. The company provides various hosting solutions to thousands of customers.

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What is Complexity Science?

Complexity science is a developing research field that has existed implicitly for many years but has only recently been identified as a means to advance interdisciplinary research.

It encompasses botcomplexity sience diagramh a general overview as well as research into the connections among influential factors in the fields of biology, physics, chemistry, engineering, behavioral sciences, and other disciplines.

Central to any theory of complexity is the concept of a system of components. The direction taken by most scientific fields, including biology, sociology, chemistry and physics, has been to learn more and more about sub-structures, building blocks, components, and specific forces.
The search [or re-search] for an understanding of “life” applied tools, such as the microscope, developed directly or indirectly for this specific aim.

For the most part, this has meant that we have been “digging” for what is increasingly smaller, and as we “dig” deeper and unwind lateral effects, we widen our knowledge of the structure or function of any specific molecule, process or element. But the temporal, spatial and network interconnections are not always revealed from the understanding we generate from the knowledge of specifics.

Recent progress and the accumulation of information with the aid of powerful new tools had forced us to reassess and modify traditional research approaches. We need to investigate “life” in a more comprehensive manner, at the levels of interconnection, lateralization and networking. In other words, as scientific research into the specificities of science progressed, the more apparent it became that science could not be comprehended without acknowledging its fundamental complexity.

There is no single “definition” of complexity science, and the Center for Complexity Science encourages a broad interpretation of the term.

In the “Forum” you will find descriptions of the field proposed by CCS students and board members. You are invited to make your own suggestions about what constitutes complexity science.

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The Center

The CCS was established in 2001 by the Yeshaya Horowitz Association in response to the growing interest in complexity science.

Complexity science is a developing research field that has existed for many years yet was never defined as a mean to advance inter-disciplinarian research.

Complexity science entails both a general overview as well as research of the connection between influential factors in the fields of biology, physics, chemistry, engineering and behavioral sciences.

Complexity science has no boundaries since its goal is to combine, advance, investigate and understand processes through an inter-disciplinarian view…


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